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Aluminum Perforated Panel

ASIT Aluminum Perforated Panel provides all the features and available options of solid panel with the addition of either 1024 or 1280 chamfered holes to provide a nominal 18-33.77% open area in a non-directional pattern for airflow requirements in both computer rooms and cleanrooms. Completely interchangeable with solid and grating panels.

Product Details:


  • Existing solid panels can be refitted to perforated panels by applying ●Ventilation openings with standard drilling equipment
  • Manufactured with the highest precision
  • Class A1 building material (Non-combustible)
  • Precisely drilled holes with chamfered edges

2.Covering Finishes

  • PVC
  • HPL
  • Epoxy coating
  • Ni-Cr plating

3.Technical paramter


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