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Elevated floor, Raised flooring, Access flooring are more popular

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Choosing us can help you do a good job in procurement, save time in finding suppliers and comparing prices, thereby reducing procurement costs.

Raised Access Floor Panel

Identification & Replacement. We can assist you in ldentifying your existing Computer Room floor panels and supply replacement Access floor panels that fit and color match. Large Inventory and Selection, On-Site Warehouse, Factory Direct and Custom Colors.

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Raised Access Floor build-outs, modifications, panel replacement, installation, parts, accessories, new or used, we can provide materials and installation. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Since 1996

For over 26 years, we have been committed to delivering the right Raised Access Floor solutions to our customers, from start to finish, in a cost effective, responsive & timely manner.

Elevated floor, Raised flooring, Access flooring

About Us

ASIT Flooring Technology Co.,Ltd is a manufacturing and trading corporation specializing in providing a comprehensive range of high-quality building and decorative products and related service in China.

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Our Elevated floor, Raised flooring, Access flooring are welcomed by many retailers, designers and engineering purchasing managers


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