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Steel Trunking OA500 Network Floor

ASIT Steel Trunking Network Floor System is mainly composed of slotted panel, cover board and pedestal. This system solves the height restriction of traditional network floor system, the minimum height can be only 35mm. Equipped with advanced management functions for a variety of modern office power lines and data lines, the system provides methodic line planning and allocation.

Product Details:


Intelligent buildings which require line planning and allocation, old buildings which will be refitted.Wide range of the application such as 5 class office

Security Union Plaza ,Futures Trading Building , and the place demand cabling and wiring . And the aging building floor’s reform

Steel Trunking OA500 Network Floor



  • Floor height adjustment range can be 35mm-150mm
  • Wiring by openning cover board instead of the panel
  • Interchange cover board and socket without cutting floors
  • Outlet is located on each cover board, wires can easily come out


  1. Environment friendly and energy saving.
  2. Meet the the excellent height 35mm ,with the intelligentcabling and wiring system ,good for the modern office cabling and wiring plan
  3. Main components: panel, trunk cover plate ,corner cover plate ,corner bottom plate
  4. Optional accessories :Electrical outlet,bottom trunk ,outlet
  5. The adjustment of the floor 35mm—150mm ,the best height is 50mm ,save the space of the room.
  6. Easy for the wiring and cabling ,wires and cables put into the trunk and without cut the panel.


1.Full steel,independent four corners support structure
2.Adjustable height for pedestal(35mm~150mm)

3.Especially in the loading.there is more 10~30%loading than uniformity for each floor


1.panel-Cementitious infill steel welded steel sheel, coner lock hole in four corner ,top tiles could be carpet ,PVC tiles or other tiles as you like

2.pedestal-die casting cross aluminium top,cross rubber gasket on top ,steel structure as base ,height could be 50mm —1000mm

3.sharp top strews lock the panel coner and pedestal


6.Technical paramter

International Size(mm) Fire


Concentrated load Impact load


Ultimated load





Rolling load(N)
LB N KG 10 times 100000


FS440 500x500x25 A ≥440 ≥1960 ≥200 ≥295 ≥5880 ≥9272 1958 1566
FS662 500x500x25 A ≥662 ≥2950 ≥301 ≥445 ≥8850 ≥1250 2946 2356
FS800 500x500x25 A ≥800 ≥3350 ≥363 ≥536 ≥11250 ≥16100 3560 2670
FS1000 500x500x25 A ≥1000 ≥4550 ≥450 ≥670 ≥13350 ≥23000 4450 3560
FS1250 500x500x25 A ≥1250 ≥5560 ≥567 ≥780 ≥16680 ≥33000 5560 4450

Other accessories specifications:

Cover plate(Edge): 205×135×8mm

Bottom Plate(Center):190×190×8mm

Bottom Plate(Middle):200×200mm


Standard Pedestal SPEC:

12 adjustment +20mm  adjustment -10mm

Reticulated Cable Trench is main feature of Camass Crete,The grid pattern cable trench system provides systematic, easy routing and extension of cables. The trench caps to cover the cable trenches shall be installed before or after routing of cables. As all UniPanels are self-standing, lifting or replacing of trench caps are safe, convenient and without resorting to special tools.


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