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Antistatic Panel with “F” Edge Trim

ASIT “F” Edge Trim Access Floor, also called Mini Edge Trim Access Floor is made of good quality cold-rolled steel sheet with foaming cement fully filled. The surface is stuck with High Pressure Laminate (HPL) or Conductive PVC tile. The whole system is composed of floor, pedestal and stringer.

Product Details:

1. Antistatic Panel with “F” Edge Trim Application

Computer room, data center, control room, laboratory, office building, bank, post telegraph, power control center, workshop and places where require antistatic environment or have many wires.

2.Antistatic Panel with “F” Edge Trim Characteristics

3.Pressed panel before sticking top finish

Four sides of steel panel is pressed, so “F” edge trim can be embeded between steel and top finish, it can be very firm and stable.

Access Floor

“F”edge trim is inseted in between the steel panel and the surface finish. The inserted “F”edge trim is very firm and stable. Panel with”F” edge trim creates perfect installation effect with tiny seam, which can be applied tohigh-computer room and place where requirement on antistatic or many wires.

4.Technical parameter

International Size(mm) Fire Performance Concentrated load Impact






Uniform Load


Rolling load(N)
LB N KG 10 times 100000


FS440 600x600x35 A 440 1960 200 295 5880 9272 1958 1566
FS662 600x600x35 A 662 2950 301 445 8850 1250 2946 2356
FS800 600x600x35 A 800 3350 363 536 11250 16100 3560 2670
FS1000 600x600x35 A 1000 4550 450 670 13350 23000 4450 3560
FS1250 600x600x35 A 1250 5560 567 780 16680 33000 5560 4450
FS1500 600x600x35 A 1500 6675 670 1005 19892 34500 6675 5340
FS2000 600x600x35 A 2000 8900 906 1340 26700 46000 8900 7120

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